Kit Lists

We run activities such as sleepovers, hikes, canoeing and camps.

It is advisable that any scout attends outdoor activities prepared with appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment, as advised by their leaders. However, we do not expect vast investments in expensive items.

Items can be acquired from:


    • holdall bag (better than a large rucksack – because it is easier to pack, and easier to find things in it)
    • sleeping bag (2-season)
    • camping roll mat
    • t-shirt & tracksuit trousers, or pyjamas – for sleeping in
    • change of underwear
    • toothbrush & toothpaste
    • towel
    • plastic bag – the 70c supermarket ‘Bag-for-Life’ are a good size and durable
    • whatever clothing and footwear needed for any activities going on that day/evening, including uniform & necker


Day activity:

  • rucksack – 10-20 litre bag with proper straps – please do not use “gym-bags” with string straps
  • packed lunch – please avoid chocolate since it melts in warm weather, and consider removing wrappers on any foods in advance to decrease chance of litter, and the need for boys to have difficulties opening items
  • water bottle (filled) – with a secure lid/spout to avoid leakage – please avoid juice boxes, Capri-Suns and fizzy drinks – consider putting bottle into a bag to limit spillage
  • water-proofs – a pac-a-mac/lightweight water-resistant coat
  • beaver jumper or fleece
  • appropriate footwear for the activity
  • any other items, as advised, for the particular event