Special Interest Badges

special-interests_graphicscreen-shot-2016-09-24-at-21-21-34Special interest badges are open ended badges that reflect the interests of the young person undertaking them. Any subject is possible and the requirements are designed by the young person in consultation and agreement with their Scouters.

Badges are presented under a number of themes into which the special interest subject will fall. The themes are:


  • Adventure
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Physical
  • Skill

Badge requirements will differ depending on the individual Scout undertaking for the badge. The principle of ‘doing one’s best’ is the key feature of badges awarded under this area. The system allows everyone to choose what they want to do, it provides recognition for personal effort, rather than achieving a grade, so everyone has a chance to achieve the badge.

Badge requirements are designed to allow exploration of the subject, develop and improve skills, and put the new knowledge into practice, preferably as a practical project which will benefit others. It will often be that they are embarking on a new extra-curricula activity, and this badge is a mechanism to recognise their efforts and achievements.

For any Beaver Scout who has a particular interest in undertaking more badge work or furthering a personal skill, we encourage them to undertake a Special Interest Badge in their own time with the help of their parents, and on completion of agreed criteria that badge will be awarded.

A young person can do a maximum of three subjects in each area. The badge is awarded for the first time it is done and a border chevron/bar is awarded for the second and third time. These are stacked below the area badge. A Scout therefore could have any number of combinations of badges and bars.

The beaver will consult with their leaders and complete the special interest badge form, with their parent’s help.

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