Scouter Training

uniform-scoutersWant to get involved?

Briefly, the process is usually as follows:

    1. Express an interest. Speak to a leader, or contact the Group Leader at
    2. Meet the Group Leader, and provide them with your first and last names, DOB, and email address.
    3. Complete the online application form that will be sent to you via email, incl. other contact details and two references
    4. Complete the Garda vetting clearance form (copies also available from the den), and submit to group leader so that they can check your two IDs.
    5. Get a copy of the “Welcoming adults to scouting” induction handbook, or print it off here.
    6. Arrange a date for the “The Story of Scouting” evening course with the Training Coordinator, Luke Kinchella at
    7. Complete the online learning module for an Intro to Scouting & child protection. The access link is here: Story of Scouting e-Learning course

    It’s a bit fiddly: you have to register, watch an online piece and successfully answer a series of questions to pass. It takes about an hour and has to be done in one sitting. Please note that the online course must be done before the evening course. Evidence of having done this module, in the form of a printable certificate or screenshot of the final screen, must be shown at the evening course.

    1. Then attend the two-hour evening course, held locally (usually Bennetsbridge or Tullow). (Make sure you bring your printout certificate from the e-Learning module)
    2. During this process, you may attend some meetings on a supervised basis.
    3. Once the Vetting process has completed and returned successfully, we book you onto the weekend residential “Being a Scouter” course.
    4. Once you have completed this weekend course, you are cleared to help with meetings and events.

    An overview of the This Is Scouting process can be read here: Training Scheme bulletin-Apr2016.
    Also, see the following flow-chart:

    Induction process flowchart